Updating windows manually

17-Feb-2018 18:57

With default settings, Windows Defender automatically downloads antivirus definitions from Microsoft servers when new updates are available.Usually Microsoft releases new definitions every day through Windows Update service.Note that you won’t see any window or dialog box during the process.Windows Defender should be updated in a few seconds. Step 4: Open Windows Defender program, switch to Update tab and check the update version and install date just to make sure that latest definition updates are installed.Basically, if you run the search, and wait for it to finish, and THEN scroll, you will see that scrolling lags and thumbnail generation lags behind.Now that would make sense if that was happening only for the first time, since windows is still generating thumbnails for the new images.Windows Defender is the default antivirus software in Windows 10.The Defender program helps protect your Windows operating system as well as data from common threats like viruses, spyware, and malware.

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If you scroll through the entire image list, let the thumbnails generate, then close the window, run the search again, wait for it to finish again, and scroll again, you will see it lags even on subsequent attempts.It's just a way for everyone to reproduce the problem, even the people who don't have folders with many images on their computers.Windows has a lot of image bloatware, so I used that as a tool to reproduce the issue.Step 3: Once the update is downloaded to your PC, you need to run the update in order to install.

To do so, simply double-click on the update file to begin updating Windows Defender.

While some users disable Windows Update to avoid future updates, there are many users who prefer to manually update Windows operating system.

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